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John Bean Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignments in Staffordsville, KY

Fix Misalignment Problems Costing You Tire Life & Vehicle Performance

John Bean V3300 Alignment in Staffordsville, KY

Conley Tire is dedicated to providing you with the best in automotive service. That's why we use the John Bean V3300 Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System, engineered to provide the fastest possible, error-free alignment.

Call us for a two-wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment. The type of alignment you need is dependent on the type of vehicle you drive.

V3300 Alignment System Highlights

  • Capacity of 19,000 lbs
  • Tire Diameter: 19"-39" (48.3cm-99.1cm)
  • Easy Lookup of OEM Specifications
  • Intuitive Interface for Fast Service
  • Perfect for Passenger Vehicles, Light Trucks, and Medium Trucks including 2500 trucks, 3500 trucks, and the Ford F-150

The John Bean V3300 is designed to cut service time, getting you back on the road and back to your day faster. It features a highly intuitive interface that technicians use to identify misalignment problems and provide the angle corrections your vehicle requires.

Learn About Alignment Angles 

Areas Served: Staffordsville, KY, Salyersville, KY, Prestonsburg, KY, and surrounding areas.

How Do I Know My Wheels are Out of Alignment?

Unaligned wheels can cause irregular and uneven tire wear. Abnormal tire wear is a common indicator of misalignment and one that costs more money over time, because you need to replace your tires sooner than would have been necessary if your vehicle maintained its alignment. Another sign of misalignment involves how your car or truck handles while driving. If you feel vibrations or have trouble keeping your vehicle straight in a lane, the cause might be your alignment.

A technician can inspect your vehicle to determine if the problems are alignment related or not.

What Causes Wheels to Go Out of Alignment?

Misalignment can occur when a vehicle runs over potholes hard or experiences a small collision with another vehicle or street curb. Time is another factor that affects alignment. Suspension parts wear over time and may become loose on older vehicles. This has an effect on your alignment.

Why We Use John Bean

  • Advanced technologies track all four wheels automatically at any height.
  • Imaging technology provides accurate, real-time readings, diagnostic data, and measurements.
  • Frame and structural issues are identified before alignment adjustments are made.
  • Comprehensive vehicle data featuring the latest vehicle specifications for fast repairs.

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